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Freelancing & Outsourcing Basic – 2019

Freelancing & Outsourcing are the why to earn money online. Outsourcing is the work of an organization with the help of an outside company or person, rather than by themselves. This may be part of a project special or an entire project.

Freelancing is when a person works in a contractual organization or person who does not work in a particular organization. Just like a freelancer has the freedom to set the type of work, he has the freedom to work when he wants. Freelancers are not free during the traditional office period. Companies usually outsource to reduce production costs.

Many times outsourcing is done due to lack of sufficient time, labor or technology. Basically outsourced IT-based tasks are outsourced. The countries which provide such services are India, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Russia, Pakistan, Panama, Nepal, Bangladesh, Romania, Malaysia, Egypt and many more.

How Freelancing & Outsourcing Work:

The profession has gained a lot of popularity in the last three-four years. But in other countries of the world the idea of ​​freelancing was already there. It started at the 5th . “GURU” was the first freelancing marketplace. That was establish in 7 as . After the popularity of it. Many more marketplaces including,,,,, were established. Freelancing is also gaining popularity in Bangladesh due to the expansion of the Internet.

History of Freelancing & Outsourcing:

If an organization or person wants to outsource their work, they come to the freelancing & outsourcing marketplace and invite bid from the freelancers for that job. In a bid, a freelancer mentions how many days he will be able to finish the work, so how much will his wages be. In this way, the Employer selects the most desirable and advantageous bid from among the many bids for a job. He then contacted the freelancer and discussed in detail the work. After the work paying and described in detail in the section.

Prerequisites for freelancing:

To begin freelancing, it is important to have expertise in one of the topics. You should also have a good knowledge of your internet usage. But if you have expertise in multiple areas of your computer, then you will naturally be able to do a large job. Most of your clients will be nonverbal, so you need to communicate with them in English. They can interview you through Skype or another messenger service. So it is very important to have good control over English.

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