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What Is CPA Marketing: A Step By Step From Starting

CPA Marketing Mans Cost Per Action. If you are person who are looking to make $100 a day. Than trust me and CPA is the thing for you. If you will read today’s free CPA marketing guide and implement it exactly then you will be making for sure.

What is CPA Marketing From Beggaring:

Some times it’s means Per Pay Per Action. CPA is one kind of advertising model where advertiser pay for any particular action. It can be impression,form fill up, click, sales, sewn letter sign up,registration etc .

It depend up on the offer that is asking to do the CPA marketer. The advertiser have to only when desired action occurred by the CPA marketers. Other wise they don’t have to pay any thing.

CPA is Cost Per Acquisition because advertiser asked to CPA marketer to perform certain action. To know the success or cost of per lead marketers divided cost by number of acquisition. Suppose you spent $100 to promote something and you got 10 sales then Cost per acquisition will be $10 per lead.

Now you must be thinking that from where you can get the offer to promote and make some money . We can get offer from CPA network.

In simple term CPA marketers market the companies offer and for every desired action which is determined by the companies they get payed.

CPA marketer are also known as publisher and one more thing I would like to tell you that, CPA marketing is not like affiliate marketing where you can promote any product.

It is not hard to get in CPA Network. They are also willing to earn money just like. But they want genuine marketers who really want to make money not a fraud or scam. If you are Here you have to get approved in CPA network. if you have experienced email list base ,website or blog. Then you are good to go.

What Are Types of CPA Offer:

When you start looking on CPA network you can see that there are many kind of CPA offer. What first we need to understand that all kind of offer. Ill tell you all kind offer which you can encounter when you are in CPA network.

In every offer you will find a link by which you can promote offer right .. but understand this important point that the link is specific to you only no one else in the will have access to that link. If you want to send a offer to your visitor. Then CPA network is gonna know that you send the visitor and if your visitor performed desired action like – registration , click , purchased any thing then you are gonna get the commission. So your link is a ad affiliate link.

Now lets talk about the types of offer on which you may work on –

Multiple Field Submit offer:

This is another kind of offer where visitor have to filled multiple field with desired information. It can be like emails address,mailing address,name ,phone number age,zip code etc. Generally this type of offer is quite difficult to get filled up for an example dating offer. The multiple field submit offer payout is high and can be anywhere in between $2.00 to $18.00.

Zip Submit offer:

Zip submit offer is very similar to email submit offer . Just one more field added on the landing page. Here visitor have to insert their ZIP code and that all you will make commission for that.the payout for zip submit offer is low and can be anywhere in between $0.50 to $2.00.

Email Submit Offer:

Email submit offer is the very basic kind of CPA offer here you have to send the visitor on the offer landing page. once the visitor enter his email address then you will get commission for that email submit action.Generally the payouts on an email submit offer is between $0.50 and $2.00

What is EPC In CPA Offer:

 EPC means Earning Per Click in CPA offers. Affiliates always use EPC to find out the best performing and converting offer. EPC indicates to affiliate marketers that how much they can earn by every 100 click.

Free Trials CPA Offers:

This is a popular CPA offer because it always has a high pay out. In free trial offers user have to use advertiser software or services for specified time or period. Visitor have to enter their name,email ,mailing address,zip code,phone number and their credit card information. This is very hard to filled up and that’s why payout is high with the average range from $20 – $60 per lead.

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