Accessories For Your Android Phone


Accessories for mobile phone means some tools which makes our phone more essay to use. In our modern life android phone are our best company. We can’t live a single moment without mobile phone. Mobile phone also help us to do many work. When you buy some product we can buy in on internet by using mobile phone. We do many more work by our mobile phone. For incising the safety & outlook of our mobile phone so for that we use some Accessories. Now we will start the definition of those Accessories.

Types of Accessories :

  • Powerbanks
  • Headphones
  • Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder for Car
  • Depstech Wireless Endoscope
  • Smartphone case
  • portable Bluetooth keyboard
  • Cable Chargers
  • Screen Protector
  • Selfie stick
  • Smartwatch

1. Powerbanks

We often find ourselves while traveling that our phone is quickly out of power – and our day has barely started! Taking endless amount of pictures and videos may have something to do with it.

But having a portable power bank for your smartphone will ensure that your phone is fully charged to capture more pictures and videos!

2. Headphones

We no longer have to carry around mp3 players to enjoy music on the go, thanks to our smartphones. But unless you fancy making an enemy of everybody around you, having a good pair of headphones to pair with your Android phone is important.

They’re one of the most versatile accessories to use with your phone, simply because of what you can do with them.

From listening to music to taking a call while you’re at the wheel, a set of high-quality headphones can really add to the functionality of your phone.

3. Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder for Car

Do you also find it uncomfortable to carry your cell phone in pocket while driving? Of course, you would because it’s actually uncomfortable to take phone out of the pocket while driving every time you get a call. As a solution to this problem, we present to you Bosynoy cell phone holder for car. Perfect for almost all cell phones, this is a must-have accessory for all. It has broad compatibility as it is perfect for smartphones of 3 inches to 6.5 inches. It is attached to the dashboard and you can then mount your phone sturdily, without worrying about the emergency brakes and sharp turns. The silica gel base makes so it washable and reusable.

4. Depstech Wireless Endoscope

Just connect the endoscope with your phone through wifi and capture images and record videos. With every pixel clear and true, Depstech wireless endoscope allows you to capture the real beauty with complete clarity. The high-quality configuration makes it the most comfortable to use.

5. Smartphone case

They pay attention to the first-class mobile phone cases in online with an objective to buy and use a suitable phone case. Out of the ordinary features of phone cases nowadays give more than expected benefits to all users. Once you have begun using the most exclusive phone case, you will increase the overall lifetime of your phone and maintain it without any difficulty.

High quality features of affordable phone cases in online these days catch the attention of everyone who has decided to buy a brand new phone case at a reasonable price. You can directly focus on the most excellent phone cases available for sale and take note of the significance of properly using an ideal case to your phone. You will make an informed decision and buy an appropriate phone case without any complexity.

6. portable Bluetooth keyboard

Typing up important emails or reports on a small phone is uncomfortable and invites mistakes. A light and portable Bluetooth keyboard is a convenient companion to their phone that will let them work more efficiently and accurately.  Portable Bluetooth keyboard makes your typing first and essay.

7. Cable Chargers

Cable chargers may not be the most exciting tech gadget on this list, but it is the most essential in order to keep your smartphone running.

The durability and design of cable chargers for your smartphones are improving with each passing year. The materials that they come in are available in stainless steel, braided nylon, and even gold plating. If we have power bank we must need it & also if we don’t have power bank then we also need it.

8. Screen Protector

If you’ve bought a phone case, you’re already thinking about protecting your phone from possible damage. You can add to that protection by using a screen protector.

You can get either plastic or glass screen protection, but you’ll find that you’ll have better protection with glass. They tend to be tougher and more durable than their plastic counterparts, and as most screens are made out of glass, they’ll feel more realistic to the touch.

9. Selfie stick

Embrace the selfie sticks, they are here to stay. They have evolved throughout the years, which speaks to their growing popularity (and acceptance) since the social media selfie movement started a few years back.

Now, they come in compact sizes, variety of add-on but it must be Bluetooth capable or waterproof.

If there are to much people in selfie. Then we can use selfie stick to click the picture. It’s make essay to take selfie. And also we can take picture upper picture by using selfie stick.

10. Smartwatch

Fashion conscious, or just looking for a cool toy to play with? Either way , a smartwatch could be a good accessory to go alongside your smartphone.

You don’t need one, but it certainly adds convenience to the Android experience. You can control your phone through your smartwatch, as well as receive important notifications like incoming phone calls.

Manufacturers including Samsung produce their own smartwatches, but if you’re looking to buy an Apple smartwatch, you should be advised that it doesn’t really work effectively with an Android smartphone.

Those Accessories makes first using of mobile phone and incise ability of our mobile phone. So try those Accessories and share your experience in our commend list.

Best Use Of Mobile Phone And why The Mobile Phone User Are Increasing

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone phone is a thing which we use to save our document. And also it help use in many ways. now start it.

1.what is mobile phone:

Mobile phone is a a telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network. And also it is a electronic device with internet.

2.why we use it:

we mainly use it for connect with our family member live fear from us. it us to texting message, for phone call and also for using internet. we use it in various kind. likely we use it for photos, we use it for calls and also we use in for save our document in it.

some should features of Mobile Phone :

  • a long lasting battery
  • crystal clean display
  • a great camera
  • warp speed processing
  • NFC
  • multiple windows
  • plenty of storage space

for those features phone user are increasing day by day.

3.Mobile Phone Apps:

mobile apps

When you brought a phone you already have some apps on your device. likes facebook, twitter, phone, google, maps and many more apps. you use those apps for your importance. there are also some apps you don’t need but those apps can’t be deleted from your phone. those apps are permanently apps for your phone. and also you can download apps from apps store if you want. that depend on you what you will use or not.


in every matter we use internet. we can live a single moment without internet. but for using internet we need a device to connecting with the internet. we can use it to connecting with the internet. it is the best and easiest thing to connect with it. by it’s and internet we can do are see anything from staying in our home. without mobile phone internet is nothing and also without internet mobile phone is nothing.

why user are incising:

Now-day’s it’s user are incising to much. this is mainly happening for the features and for internet. people are new using internet for every matter. And also new and better mobile phone are coming in our market day by day. that’s why the number of it’s user are incising.

Best Mobile App Analytics Tools

Best Mobile App Analysis

Best Mobile App means the most helpful App. Having a mobile app is not a nice-to-have master plan but a must-have strategy or master plan in today’s most ruthless business landscape.

The use of smartphones tablets and iPads have conduct about an era because of ubiquitous connectivity. Consumers and employees like this because able to access document from anywhere across the globe. Because of it company are abandoning soloed processes and are increasingly creating apps for every business function and process.

In spite of this growth, many company are not making proper sense of the data generated from mobile apps and consequently, they are not getting the desired return-on-investment.

Through this primer we seek to assess why analytics should be a vital component of your organization’ mobile strategy and also discuss some of the best mobile app analytics tools you can use.

Best Mobile App Analytics Tools:

There is not denying the market for mobile app analytics tools. it is set to increase remarkably in the coming years. The data from a report titled- “Global Mobile Analytics Market Research Report intuition, Opportunity Analysis, Market Shares and predict, 2017 – 2023,” assignment.

The global mobile analytics market to involvement in a compound annual increase rate of roughly twenty four percent during the study time 2016-2023.

This growth will be mostly due to factors such as the growing use of mobile apps, mobile publicize, the need for actual time analytics, increased assumption of cloud-based mobile analytics and the convergence of web, social and mobile analytics.

So the big question is- why? What are the best mobile app analytics tools for your business?

There are to much tools found on the market, however, a robust mobile app analytics tool can provide you with an overview of important key performance indicators. These include:

1 App penetration percentage:

this basically shows the number of active App users from your existing customer base over a given period of time. With this you can tell how your business is performing in terms of acquiring customers through your mobile app.

2 Screen Launches:

this helps you understand the most frequently and least frequently launched screens on your mobile app. With this information you can, therefore, know how certain features and functionalities on the mobile app are performing on one screen compared to other screens.

3 App penetration percentage:

this mainly figure the number of active App users from your existing customer base over a given period of time. With this you can say how your business is performing in terms of acquiring customers through your mobile app.

4 Screen Launches:

this helps you understand the most frequently and least frequently launched screens on your mobile app. With this information you can, therefore, know how certain features and functionalities on the mobile app are performing on one screen compared to other screens.

5 Menu Items:

This can help you understand the Menu Items which are mostly used and those which are least used and correlating them with the Screen Launches. This can also help you understand and create new Menu Items that did not exist before and hence improve engagement levels.

By studying some of the mentioned using mobile analytics and taking the necessary actions, your business can achieve the following:

  • Improve customer experience Mobile analytics will able to organisation to get a 360-degree. How clients consume content and what changes can be made to optimize their buying experience.
  • Collect and analyse data in real time– No doubt about it so data is the lifeblood of every company regardless of industry. And thanks to various digital avenues in today’s business landscape and organizations have access to large data set. Mobile applications are part of these digital avenues and thus, constantly generate so much data. Therefore, the ability to make real-time sense of this data using mobile analytics, is what sets successful companies apart.

1. Google App Analytics

This tool can help you turn insights into action and improve your mobile app and It is available in Android among other platforms. By using it you stand to achieve the following:

  • conversion rates analysis
  • users location
  • ad campaign and social activity reports
  • users behaviors
  • data visualization
  • events monitoring
  • alpha and beta testing

2. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a great especially if you’ve just launched a new mobile app. It offers the following:

  • real-time data analysis
  • cohort
  • funnel analysis
  • vents
  • user behavior

3. Flurry Analytics

Owned by Yahoo and used by over 800k mobile apps and this mobile app analytics tool works on various platforms. It provides you with the following data because:

  • Number of active users
  • Sessions and session lengths
  • Audience persona and demographic
  • Conversion funnels
  • Frequency
  • Retention
  • Device information

4. Apple App Analytics

This is a free mobile app analytics tool is the iOS platform. It provides data on usage and sales and App store on a weekly basis. By leveraging apple app analytic’s but you will have a deeper understanding of the following metrics:

  • Channel effectiveness
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sessions and active devices
  • Sources of impressions, product page views and downloads