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Best Desktop Editors

Best Desktop Editors you can be suggest from here. One of the easy ways to stay productive is work offline and distraction free.I often prefer desktop blog editors to write a blog post, as I can stay away from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

The important of Best Desktop Editors thing we need to know is how to make the work process easier and faster to be more productive and effective.

So, usually you will be blogging from the default dashboard, but you need to accept the fact that default dashboard lacks in many features.

Creative writer :

It totally changes the working environment. The full-screen distraction free editor can increase your creativity in writing.

The undisturbed workspace will let you be more productive. It doesn’t support any plugins like OLW, but the distraction free workspace can make you be more productive by letting your thoughts flow in.

Indulge yourself in a relaxed and calm atmosphere and achieve a whole new level of concentration! WordPress user can use this feature in latest version of WordPress, and it’s very useful when you are writing post from WP dashboard.

Thingamablog :

Thingamablog is a cross-platform, standalone blogging application that makes it easy for publishing your blog post effortless.

It does NOT require a third-party blogging host, a CGI/PHP enabled web host, or a MySQL database. In fact, all you need to setup, and manage, a blog with Thingamablog is FTP, SFTP, or network access to a web server.

You can publish your blog post with single click, remotely via email and create unique layout with customization templates, etc.

Windows Live Writer:

Surprisingly (to many), Microsoft has a very good offline desktop blogging application called Windows Liver Writer that’s regarded by seasoned bloggers as the best one out there (for Windows users). It has a characteristic MS Office look and feel that will be familiar to most Windows users. A key feature of this blog editor is its ability to post maps, videos and other types of media easily.


The main advantage that Bleezer has is its cross-platform support for Linux, Windows and the Mac OS. It’s compatible with most blogging and content management platforms such as Drupal, WordPress and Blogger. Features that will appeal to you in Bleezer include image uploads to a server of your choice, a good spellchecker to avoid typos, the ability to add keyword tags to your posts, and a WYSIWIG interface. Bleezer can also work while you are logged into your account for real-time posting.

w.Bloggar :

w.Bloggar is quite a nice blogging application that’s portable onto a USB drive. It has a file upload function that is able to interface with most of the popular blog platforms such as Typepad, Drupal and WordPress. Its hot-key combination feature can be set up for keyboard shortcuts to make blogging quicker.

ScribeFire :

This Mozilla add-on takes the form of an icon on your Firefox browser. It’s uniquely convenient as you can post to your blog directly from your browser instead of having to start an editor while your idea is still hot in your mind. It also comes with the usual features such as HTML tags, image uploadm and multiple posting to several weblogs. ScribeFire has a vibrant support forum where you can with get help and chat fellow ScribeFire users.

Open Live Writer :

The open live writer is the best desktop blog editor for Windows; the free application can turn your writing experience. It has many excellent features which lack in default dashboard.

The plugins integration in Windows live writer helps you to be more productive and work faster. It supports most of the blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, and much more.

The only thing which I miss is a Mac variant of Windows live writer. This is so far my fav. Desktop editor and it offers many image editing and features that you need.

For ex: Add watermark to images, Add tables and much more. If you are deciding between many other editors. So OLW should be your first choice for WordPress.

Though out of all Open  Live Writer is my favorite and I have not found any best alternative to it. Do let us know which desktop blog editor you are using because we will also publice a post by your choice.

What Is A Laptop & What Should A Laptop Have


A laptop is a personal computer. laptop is a small device. Which can sit in a person’s lap, and is designed for mobile uses. Also called notebooks, laptops are smaller, thinner and lighter. Than most desktop PCs, and as of 2011, many laptops included powerful capabilities that rivaled desktops.


Laptops made for many uses and rate. For students who have a limited budget and need to carry their computer with them to class, lightweight laptops include a display of thirty inches or less. Such as Apple’s thirty-inch Mac Book, or Netbooks from many different brands. For the business user, there are larger, costlier laptops, such as the Lenovo Think-pad or Dell Latitude. These are faster and more powerful, including displays of about 15 inches, faster processors and random access memory of between two gigabytes and 4 GB. Photographers and gamer need even more RAM and faster processors, with screens 17 inches or larger. A mainstream laptop for a typical home user usually costs less than $1,000, and includes a fivethy-inch screen, up to 4 GB of RAM, and a hard drive of 250 GB.

What Should A Good Laptop Have:


Laptop Memory (RAM) :

A computer with more memory (RAM) will be capable of storing more programs that are currently running in memory. If your computer runs out of memory. The computer must swap unused data stored in memory to your hard disk drive. Until it is needed again.

By adding this extra step and the hard drive is the slowest type of memory. Your computer can become much slower if it does not have enough memory.

Hard drive :

Several components of a hard disk drive can make it slower or faster. After all which makes your computer run slower or faster overall.

For example, a hard drive can cause a computer to be slower because of the moving parts inside the hard drive, which results in slower read and write times from and to the hard drive.

However, a solid-state drives (SSD) should have no moving parts, which results in faster read and write times from and to the hard drive.

Latest Laptop operating system :

In addition to the hardware that runs on your computer having the latest operating system can have a significant impact on your overall computer’s performance. New technologies are introduced for them to supported by a computer. Although today’s operating systems release upgrade  to support new technologies, older operating systems may not receive these updates. For example, a computer with Windows10 because it supports all the latest hardware. The computer also has more recent technology.

Software :

Software means the programs and other operating information used by a computer. The software you’re using can also affect the speed of a computer. If the software isn’t written to be efficient. If there are bugs with the software. It can make your computer to run slow while you are using computer.

If your computer runs slow while running a program, make sure you have all the latest upgrade for that program.

Upgradeability :

A major downgrade for laptops among many users. It is the fact that they have limited opportunity to upgrade key components. Some laptops have a central processing. Unit that are soldered into the motherboard. And they are replaceable.

Many laptops allow the user to upgrade the amount of random access memory by accessing a compartment storing memory modules.