What Is CPA Marketing: A Step By Step From Starting

CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing Mans Cost Per Action. If you are person who are looking to make $100 a day. Than trust me and CPA is the thing for you. If you will read today’s free CPA marketing guide and implement it exactly then you will be making for sure.

What is CPA Marketing From Beggaring:

Some times it’s means Per Pay Per Action. CPA is one kind of advertising model where advertiser pay for any particular action. It can be impression,form fill up, click, sales, sewn letter sign up,registration etc .

It depend up on the offer that is asking to do the CPA marketer. The advertiser have to only when desired action occurred by the CPA marketers. Other wise they don’t have to pay any thing.

CPA is Cost Per Acquisition because advertiser asked to CPA marketer to perform certain action. To know the success or cost of per lead marketers divided cost by number of acquisition. Suppose you spent $100 to promote something and you got 10 sales then Cost per acquisition will be $10 per lead.

Now you must be thinking that from where you can get the offer to promote and make some money . We can get offer from CPA network.

In simple term CPA marketers market the companies offer and for every desired action which is determined by the companies they get payed.

CPA marketer are also known as publisher and one more thing I would like to tell you that, CPA marketing is not like affiliate marketing where you can promote any product.

It is not hard to get in CPA Network. They are also willing to earn money just like. But they want genuine marketers who really want to make money not a fraud or scam. If you are Here you have to get approved in CPA network. if you have experienced email list base ,website or blog. Then you are good to go.

What Are Types of CPA Offer:

When you start looking on CPA network you can see that there are many kind of CPA offer. What first we need to understand that all kind of offer. Ill tell you all kind offer which you can encounter when you are in CPA network.

In every offer you will find a link by which you can promote offer right .. but understand this important point that the link is specific to you only no one else in the will have access to that link. If you want to send a offer to your visitor. Then CPA network is gonna know that you send the visitor and if your visitor performed desired action like – registration , click , purchased any thing then you are gonna get the commission. So your link is a ad affiliate link.

Now lets talk about the types of offer on which you may work on –

Multiple Field Submit offer:

This is another kind of offer where visitor have to filled multiple field with desired information. It can be like emails address,mailing address,name ,phone number age,zip code etc. Generally this type of offer is quite difficult to get filled up for an example dating offer. The multiple field submit offer payout is high and can be anywhere in between $2.00 to $18.00.

Zip Submit offer:

Zip submit offer is very similar to email submit offer . Just one more field added on the landing page. Here visitor have to insert their ZIP code and that all you will make commission for that.the payout for zip submit offer is low and can be anywhere in between $0.50 to $2.00.

Email Submit Offer:

Email submit offer is the very basic kind of CPA offer here you have to send the visitor on the offer landing page. once the visitor enter his email address then you will get commission for that email submit action.Generally the payouts on an email submit offer is between $0.50 and $2.00

What is EPC In CPA Offer:

 EPC means Earning Per Click in CPA offers. Affiliates always use EPC to find out the best performing and converting offer. EPC indicates to affiliate marketers that how much they can earn by every 100 click.

Free Trials CPA Offers:

This is a popular CPA offer because it always has a high pay out. In free trial offers user have to use advertiser software or services for specified time or period. Visitor have to enter their name,email ,mailing address,zip code,phone number and their credit card information. This is very hard to filled up and that’s why payout is high with the average range from $20 – $60 per lead.

CPA Marketing form Beginning-2019

CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing is next to digital marketing. When it comes to the reason of marketing your online business, your return on investment is crucial to your success.

like digital advertising. After beating hard-earned marketing money into Google, Facebook, Instagram and bings ads, you have to earnestly optimize your campaigns – testing, tweaking, and hoping that all of those clicks will turn into sales but all clicks don’t turn into sales.

Once you factor in gross profit, shipping costs, and other expenses, on that time. It’s became difficult to maintain a strong enough return on investment to your marketing efforts.

where CPA marketing comes in.

CPA marketing might be the most salable and ROI-positive way to optimize your website.

like other marketing platform where you spend money to advertise your brand with no guarantee of sales, CPA. Marketing is the only one give you the chance to pay after the sale occurs at a rate you planned.

For example, if you’re selling a one hundred doller pair of sneakers and you pay your CPA partners a ten % commission after the sale and you only pay ten doller in marketing spend and enjoy a returns on add spends.

That is your substantial return for it.

How CPA marketing works and will cover:

  1. What is CPA marketing?
  2. How CPA Marketing work?
  3. Benefits of CPA Marketing.
  4. Top CPA affiliate networks.
  5. BONUS Tips to better your CPA strategy.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing is known as cost per action marketing. It is a way affiliate marketing model that offers a commission to the affiliate when a specific action is completed.

The main action can be anything from making a buy to getting a quote, watching a video, or filling a form.

How CPA Marketing Work?

CPA is a simple concept once you break down into how it works and who is inside of it.

  • Affiliate or Publisher: the related ( blogger, brand, business) that promotes a business or product to drive traffic to website and make some conversion
  • CPA Network: The platform that brings together the affiliate who wants to make money by promoting products and the businesses that want their products promoted.
  • Business or Advertiser: the thing or product that desires a partnership with affiliate to drive traffic to the business’ website and increase sales, generate leads, etc.

Benefits of CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing is very profitable when you target the right audience (as an affiliate) and connect with quality influencers (as a business).

Compared to other eCommerce Marketing Platforms. The cost per action formula offers a number of benefits, including:

1. Easy to set up.

CPA marketing is to much easy to published: you only need a website and a cpa network to do this.

It takes very little thing to up front to use this marketing technique. When you partner with a trusted CPA affiliate network, there’s no guesswork as to how to get started.

By using your own website and choosing a CPA offer, you can begin getting traffic from affiliate sites almost immediately.

2. Pay After the Sale.

You’re not paying for traffic that doesn’t convert.

If an affiliate’s referrals continuously offer low-rate conversions, diversify your affiliates and shift your focus to a more successful influencer.

3. Low Risk.

Because no payment is made to the publisher unless a visitor converts to a customer or completes a specific task. The risk is low for eCommerce businesses.

There are tools like mentionables that help us to monitor. How the affiliate is marketing your brand or product. Marketing doesn’t call for an immense investment of time or capital.

4. Expand Marketing Reach.

cpa marketing gives you scale and distribution.You get to scale your brand message faster and more consistently to the largest possible audience.

When your Product are Involved with Fashion, Electronics, home Garden, pet Supplies, Beauty almost anything else. Most business customize uses CPA marketing.

Take bliss a skin care and beauty product line for example.

Their affiliate program provides a 10% CPA payout on all type of sales.

Now beauty influences, bloggers, and media sites have. The tools to easily promote them, receive a 10% commission on all sales.

The Top CPA Affiliate Networks

In CPA affiliate networks with bad reviews should be avoided. there are some vary bright spots. When it comes to represent the networks.

Reputable CPA affiliate networks include:


Max Bounty offers trained affiliate managers who looks on a merchant’s marketing needs.

The affiliates are vetted and offer high-quality traffic to the merchant’s site.

Newbies to max bounty have access to a plethora of training material and the program offers weekly payouts.


Clickbooth has been popular since 2002 and 2003. Places a strong focus on making its program easy innovative for merchants.

There are no costs to join Clickbooth as an advertiser.

Advertisers can view traffic performance from each affiliate too. If they desire, can manage budgets, payouts, schedules, and campaigns themselves or allow the Clickbooth team to handle the work