Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Start It From Beginning

Affiliate Marketing Examples:

Affiliate Marketing look like when you’re a blogger? An example of this could be blatantly creating a post that is actually about the company you are affiliated. Or you could deftly weave the product or service into a post that is on a related topic.

An example of going the blatant root? Let’s say you are a food blogger and one of the companies you are an affiliate of sells food processors. You can write an entire post about that food processor including:

  • Benefits
  • Capabilities
  • Cost
  • Care instructions and more

Then you could include a button, link or banner. That would take the reader directly to that product on an eCommerce site or platform. They could order it based on your recommendations. Your job is to send potential customers to your affiliate program’s offer.

If you would like to take a more subtle approach, include a product or service from your company that relates into your blog post. For example, let’s say that you are a wine connoisseur and that is what your blog is based around. In any post that is enticing your readers to open up a good bottle of Merlot or what have you, it would be wise to embed an ad for a quality, easy-to-use wine opener and wine glasses or stoppers that keep the wine fresh.

Things to Avoid:

With affiliate marketing it is best to approach content creation like you are trying to explain something to a friend. Don’t write like a salesperson when featuring a product or service from a company. You are an affiliate of or change the tone your readers are used to.

Yes, you are in fact selling something. Your blog don’t have to turn into a commercial. Often, bloggers will talk about how the product or service was beneficial to them while it relates to the blog’s topic.

Another thing to avoid would be to display a banner or button in the post in a way that doesn’t make sense or that doesn’t seem to relate to the post. Give some sort of introduction to the product or a lead that particularly relates to the service so that its appearance on your blog will flow seamlessly.

I have pages on this site that only has one mention of a particular product with just one small anchor text link, and that generates well over thousand dollar a month.

Affiliate Marketing & How To Make Money:

How exactly does an affiliate make money? Well believe it or not, an affiliate marketing business is probably one of the most profitable you’d likely to come across. Set up correctly, it can be very lucrative. An affiliate’s payment is based off of affiliate commission from the company. They are an affiliate of or are paid via an affiliate marketing program or network. The buttons, links or banners of the products you are trying to sell contain your unique user ID when you embed the HTML code into your blog that makes the ad appear.

When the user clicks that ad / link / image and chooses to buy the product, the company will be alerted that you were the affiliate that led them to that purchase. As such, you will receive a commission from the company for being responsible in driving traffic.

How Do You Get Traffic To The Products By Affiliate Marketing :

One of the main reasons why most newbie affiliate marketers give up after 3 months is the fact that they can’t build up traffic to their affiliate website. It’s a thorn in most marketers’ sides, but one that can be easily resolved if you put the effort in. I have covered a few areas that will get you good targeted traffic to your affiliate deals.

Practice effective SEO techniques:

Just as with any blog post, utilizing good SEO and driving traffic from search engines can be a good source of traffic.
The sky scraping technique is a great way to not only rank for loads more keywords naturally, but also to generate links to your content by becoming the best and most comprehensive resource on the web. It’s a common tactic for online marketing for making organic traffic.

Sky scraping is when you find the best content for a particular keyword and then create your own version. This can be done by covering areas that might be missing from your competitors piece.

Create great content:

Easier said than done you might say. It’s true. Creating something truly amazing and resourceful takes time, effort and dedication to the project. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Have a look at those great contact idea that you could use for blog.

Make your posts engaging and offer a lead that will capture readers attention and make them want to read on and learn more about the product or service.

Promote products you would buy:

Do you have zero interest in an expensive mountain bike the company you are an affiliate of sells? Well, you probably don’t want to feature it on your blog, as it is extremely difficult to persuade readers (or anyone for that matter) that they should buy something you wouldn’t be caught spending a single penny on. When you are passionate for a product at the Interested to learn more about it. This will come through to your readers, engage them and better coax them to buy.

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